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Detection & Remediation

Stop Ransomware before it stops you.

Ransomware - a type of Malware that threatens to publish the victim's data and/or perpetually block access to it unless a ransom is paid.

We work with Cynet, to provide extended prevention and detection, serving real-time protection mechanisms specifically designed to prevent and detect ransomware including:

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Understand the solution and benefits of our solution from Cynet.


Key benefits of Primenet Ransomware Prevention solution

  • Natively Layered Protection - Includes integrated NGAV, EDR, NDR, UEBA & deception technologies as standard
  • Automated Response Actions - We automate a wide range of remediation actions at the 1st hint of ransomware
  • Real-time protection - Designed specifically to prevent & detect advanced ransomware threats. No matter what size of the threat
  • Single Click Away - The Cynet dashboard app has a one-click 'engage CyOps' for quick easy access to an online cyber security analyst
  • 100% proactive - Continuously hunting for critical and evasive threats in your environment.

Real-time protection

Isolating, understanding, and remediating a ransomware attack is time-critical, every second counts.

Quickly uncovering and fully remediating all components of the ransomware attack ensures that the entire scope of the attack is contained, and no hidden components are left lingering in your environment. 

Ransomware attacks on critical services are on the increase

Outages of critical infrastructure escalate quickly, having an automated response will trigger remediation actions at the first hint of ransomware. Having extended remediation solution adds an extra level of assurance:

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