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Cynet Converges XDR, Response Automation and 24/7 MDR Services An incredibly powerful platform supported by an equally powerful SOC. 

Secure XDR natively provides multiple preventions and detection technologies out-of-the-box designed to extend and deepen visibility across the environment. The Secure XDR platform includes NGAV (Next Generation Anti-Virus) EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response) NTA (Network Traffic Analytics) UBA (User Behavior Analytics) Deception and CLM (Centralised Log Management) - all delivered by your trusted MSSP Primenet.

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360º Cyber Security 

About Cynet

Cynet is the world’s first Autonomous Breach Protection platform. 

An Autonomous Breach Protection platform that natively integrates XDR endpoint, user and network attack prevention and detection capabilities with an incident engine that fully automates investigation and remediation actions, backed by a 24/7 world-class MDR service.

End to end, fully automated breach protection is now within reach of any organisation, regardless of security team size and skill level. Visit:

Working together - 360º Cyber Security 

Cynet Autonomous Breach Protection | Cyber Security | Primenet 

Since 2020, Primenet and Cynet teams have been working together to solve challenges and make sure that our customers are safe and secure. 

Innovation is at our combined core: our company ethos works in synergy with Cynet, delivered in our approach, technology, product, services, and mindset. Read the full Press Release.

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AutoXDR™ Platform and 24/7 MDR

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Achieving 24X7 Threat Monitoring and Response for lean IT security teams. 

  • How cybercriminals use timing to their advantage
  • The people problem in cybersecurity
  • How cybersecurity talent shortages can be overcome
  • How the two-pillar approach helps lean security teams achieve 24x7 threat monitoring.

Recent Events 

cyber summit  public sector 2022Public Sector - The Cyber Security Summit 2022
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The 8th Annual Cyber Security Summit brings together leading ICT and cyber security professionals from across the public and private sectors to demonstrate the latest strategies, technologies and products as well as discuss best practices for 2022 and beyond. Primenet with Cynet held a Demo at the event. If you would like a copy of the recorded demo or discuss it further, please contact us.

Cyber 2021Online seminar - Cyber 2021 
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The ability to prepare for, respond to and recover from cyber-attacks. Cybersecurity can be put on autopilot by automating and streamlining your security operations and adding enhanced layers of visibility and protection. It's not about your team’s size or resources, but about what your organisation needs. Instead of buying multiple non-communicative systems, our XDR, automated response, and MDR capabilities keep your environment safe 24/7.