Tech Finance

Hardware, Software & Services financing solutions to fuel growth & innovation.

IT Financing- what are the benefits? 

Gain better access to hardware, software, services, and cloud technology, which will help you stay in step with your competitors, increase productivity and drive efficiency.

Is your aim to update your IT? Make your workplace more efficient with new software or accelerate a digital transformation?

We finance the equipment, software, and technology services you need to meet your digital transformation goals – allowing you to optimise cash flow, increase financial flexibility and meet stakeholder growth and profitability targets. 

Today's businesses are all facing the simultaneous challenges of Digital Transformation and rising cost of technology. At Primenet we are focused on helping our customer's transform to digital business whilst overcoming the capital intensive nature of a tech refresh, that is why we are proud to offer an innovative range of financial solutions to help our customers achieve their goals. Quite simply put we don't want our customer's technical debt to form a gap between technology and their business' ability to keep pace with their competitors
Tony Smith, Commercial Director Primenet

5 Reasons why SMEs are moving to IT financing 

  • Access to technology without the use of capital resources
  • Simplified budgeting and financial transparency with fixed payments
  • Conserves working capital - purchasing technology solutions outright could restrict a business’ resources. Affordable financing options from Primenet with Siemens Financial allow our customers to save working capital for other projects
  • Easier budgeting - Unlike an overdraft or other methods of funding, technology financing payments are fixed. This allows for simple budgeting for the agreed term, with no unexpected outgoings.
  • Upgrade options -Tech Financing allows businesses to stay ahead of dynamic changes in technology use and respond to competitive pressure. We make it easy to upgrade technology, either during or at the end of the financing period, to accommodate this rapid pace of change.

Primenet Finance for IT is powered by Siemens Financial Services (SFS), Investment in new equipment and technology is vital to improving productivity and efficiency and reducing time to market. Our finance packages provided by SFS allow companies to negotiate digital transformation affordably and sustainably.

'as a Service' - for your whole IT Infrastructure

device as a service backup as a service  tech as a servicecyber security as a service

How to Enquire about Tech Financing?

Step 1: Discovery - What do you want/need

We're here to help. Our vendor-agnostic services will provide you with the right solution for hardware, software and services. 

Step 2: Build a proposal

Your business is unique, we take the time to understand your requirements, your ambitions, workforce, and challenges. You may have a vendor preference or want a blended approach which gives your team the best solutions for the desired outcome. We provide a consultative approach with a couple of options so that you have an expert-guided choice.

Step 3: Documentation is created

Credit Terms and time frames for the period are agreed upon. Unlike an overdraft or other methods of funding, technology financing payments are fixed. This allows for simple budgeting for the agreed term, with no unexpected outgoings.