What is IT Security?

Information Technology, or IT, is a catch-all term for the processes and systems that go into creating, storing, and securing digital data. It's what powers everything from your computer at work to your smartphone to online shopping and social media.

IT security is the different measures put in place to protect the information produced by and stored in IT systems—for example, preventing hackers from gaining access to company networks or keeping personal information safe when shared through an app. IT Security protects organisational data, whether in storage, in transit, or during processed or accessed. It also includes the protection of an organisation’s application infrastructure and business processes.

By making sure that these systems are adequately protected, we can make sure that they continue to run smoothly and efficiently, without compromising the privacy of individual users or companies.

Types of IT security

      Network security focuses on preventing unauthorised access to a company's computer network, while information security focuses on preventing unauthorised access to data.
      Endpoint security protects computers and mobile devices from malware and other threats while connected to the internet.
      Information security refers to the practice of protecting information from unauthorised access or use by ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of that information.

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