Managed SIEM

Security information and event management (SIEM) combines security information management (SIM) and security event management (SEM). It provides real-time analysis of security alerts generated by applications and network hardware.

SIEM is implemented as an SW, an appliance or a managed service and can be seen as a set of complementary functions:

  • Data aggregation - centralizing data from all possible sources
  • Correlation - correlating gathered data and detect anomalies
  • Alerting - generating automated alerts
  • Dashboards - turning data into readable patterns or charts
  • Compliance - producing reports for governance and auditing purposes
  • Retention - storing historical data for long-term analysis
  • Forensic analysis - performing analyses based on specific criterias
For many organisations, having the resource and budget for in-house cyber security professionals to deploy, analyse and manage a SIEM solution is simply not possible. That’s why Primenet make it easy for you, with a fully managed, cost-effective SIEM solution. Our expert team will use the latest SIEM technology to focus on monitoring and identifying security threats to your company, enabling quick action to be taken. We work as an extension to your existing IT team, increasing your capacity for threat detection and analysis, providing compliance approved reports and recommending actions to be taken to secure your business.