Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) & XDR


Corporate endpoints are a key area of risk in any organization.

Concerning not just laptops, but also any mobile or wireless devices as well as tablets, phones, and more; Every one of them is an entry point to your network and organization, and therefore a potential target.

Today’s cyber threats go around traditional security measures such as antivirus, making Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) an absolute necessity. EDR consists of monitoring endpoint devices and centralizing the data to be able to analyse it constantly and detect any change or anomaly that could potentially be a security threat.
As security threats are exponentially growing in number and complexity, EDR can have some limitations as it provides visibility only from a single point of view - the endpoint device. This is where EDR gives way to X Detection and Response (XDR), which takes a proactive approach to threat detection, analysing a far wider set of data, not only from the endpoint perspective but also cloud, network, community and more.

Primenet offers a range of EDR and XDR detection, response and protection solutions, personalised to suit the requirements of your organisation.

Designed to gain visibility of potential attack vectors, our agile team can respond quickly to potential and existing threats to your endpoint devices, taking proactive measures to protect your organisation from cyber criminals. Taking it one step further with XDR we collect and assess a wider range of data, taking a holistic more cohesive view of events to determine indicators of compromise or vulnerability.

We use a continually updated range of methodologies and tools, to ensure that we use the most up-to-date solutions to provide your company with the greatest level of protection from ever evolving cyber threats.