Fast & Secured Hybrid Cloud Webinar

The seminar was held on 13/02/2019 | 17:06 GMT+01:00

Digital transformation is non-optional.

By 2020, over 90% of enterprises will have turned to hybrid cloud as their IT infrastructure of choice – and for good reason.

To these companies, hybrid cloud means flexibility, on demand availability and speed by migrating the right applications and updating its processes to implement self-service IT.

Managing costs, security and compliance in a multi-cloud environment are growing challenges and IT’s operational workload is increasing.

During this webinar we present our best practices, tools and provide examples on addressing these challenges.


  • Introduction: (3 minutes)
  • Cloud Management Platform (CMP) Live Demo: (15 minutes)
  • How to centralise billing and consumption for public & private clouds and on-premise.
  • Analytics and cloud optimisation engine.
  • Allow seamless cross-platform migration and replication.
  • Layer 2 connectivity to the public cloud, Technical Presentation: (15 minutes)
  • Connect to AWS, Azure and Office 365 via Layer 2 to enhance speed and security.
  • Extend your policy compliance to the public cloud.
  • Q&A: (10 Minutes)
Presentations by Chief Innovation Officer - Jonathan Bridges, Exponential-E