Scale-out storage for large-scale unstructured data and backup targets.

Arcserve's OneXafe Immutable Backup & Archival Storage

Arcserve is a global top 5 data protection vendor with the broadest range of best-in-class solutions that manage, protect and recover all data workloads, from SMB to enterprise and regardless of location or complexity.

Arcserve solutions eliminate complexity while bringing best-in-class, cost-effective, agile, and massively scalable data protection and certainty across all data environments. This includes on-premises, off-premises (including DRaaS, BaaS, and Cloud-to-Cloud), hyper-converged, and edge infrastructures. Working 100% with approved partners like Primenet, Arcserve has a presence in over 150 countries.

How we work together

Meeting regulatory requirements. Immutable files storage technology is designed to meet key regulatory requirements. Our customers had an immediate challenge from Ransomware attacks, which have increased considerably in recent years and most evidently during the pandemic. These attacks create an ever-present threat for both private and public organisations, regardless of their size or industry. Traditional data protection strategies such as backups and snapshots are typically stored on file systems, even data held for recovery is not immune to ransomware attacks. Cyber security and data integrity for our customers is of utmost importance so our partnership was formed. Delivering an assured solution.

OneXafe & OneSystem

onexafeArcserve delivers OneXafe, a powerful, yet simple, integrated scale-out storage and backup appliance, coupled with OneSystem, a cloud-based management service.

The solution has been designed from the ground up to fully utilize today’s advances in storage technologies to deliver a single infrastructure that integrates advanced features along with backup capabilities and brings management simplicity across multiple fronts.

OneXafe is a purpose-built appliance with all enterprise-grade features built-in such as immutable snapshots, inline deduplication, encryption at rest, and disaster recovery with WAN optimized replication. It is largely automated with no need for expertise to set up and operate. The unique scale-out, appliance consolidates backup and archival data in a single, simple to use storage infrastructure.

File Server Consolidation

OneXafe delivers a highly scalable, available, and easily managed NAS solution designed to simplify storage management of unstructured data. With OneXafe’s continuous data protection, your data is resilient against ransomware or user errors, ensuring that the information is always recoverable.

Data Archival

OneXafe’s ability to scale capacity granularly makes it a snap to cost-effectively manage the explosive data growth in healthcare, video surveillance, engineering, and other data-intensive environments.

Disk-Based Backup Target

OneXafe's scale-out architecture provides a highly scalable, disk-based backup target for your virtualized as well as physical server environments—thus delivering scalability for your ever-growing backup data with the convenience of near-zero configuration of storage management tasks. Powerful storage reduction technologies such as inline and variable-length deduplication and compression ensure a cost-effective storage-capacity footprint.

Capacity Storage 4400 series 

OneXafe delivers scale-out storage for large-scale, unstructured data and backup targets. It can be configured to serve as secondary storage for your backup needs.

High-Performance Storage 5400 series

OneXafe provides scale-out storage for high-performance unstructured data and backup targets. It can be configured to serve primary production data storage or secondary for high-performance application needs.