Reduce E-Waste with Sustainable IT Solutions

Why should e-waste matter to your business?

Nicolas Ahiskali 07 September 2022

E-Waste is a growing problem in the IT industry. It's estimated that over a billion phones, computers and tablets were retired in 2021 alone, with the majority going to landfills. E-waste does not biodegrade and will accumulate wherever dumped and, therefore, is a significant global issue.

With the amount of e-waste increasing each year, more electronic waste should be disposed of in a more environmentally friendly way. But how? The circular economy is an environmental approach to managing plastics and e-waste and focuses on reducing wastage and pollution with repair, reuse and reduction. We will talk you through some IT Solutions that will help your IT business reduce your environmental impact, encourage business cost savings and support the security of your retired devices.

How to reduce E-waste in 4 ways

  1. Safely erase data from retired devices for reuse or recycling - E-waste can present potential security threats to businesses if a device's data is not properly removed or destroyed. Rather than physical destruction as a secure way to remove files, data erasure is the recommended solution.
  2. Data erasure is the IT Solution that can protect the security of your retired devices. Primenet can help remove all traces of data from a wide range of end-of-life devices sustainably. There is no harm to the environment, and devices can be safely reused for a different purpose or sold on, encouraging business cost savings.

  3. Consider EOSL support for your older IT systems - All products eventually reach the point of EOSL, which can be challenging and costly for any IT department. While the manufacturer may no longer support the product you come to rely on, a qualified and experienced managed service provider can keep your chosen solution delivering at maximum performance for years to come.
  4. At Primenet, we offer a range of EOSL Support services designed to extend the life of your IT systems, maximise their value, reduce your operating expenditure and help your company to make environmental savings.

  5. Utilise emerging technologies - Businesses that use cloud services and DaaS (Device-as-a-Service) not only reduce physical equipment but also diminish the generation of e-waste.
  6. With Primenet’s Device as a Service solution, we simplify the IT lifecycle for end-users when their devices reach the end of life. These devices can be refurbished and reintroduced into a new working environment, or the device's parts can be used to repair other devices under warranty – taking responsibility from customers while reducing e-waste.

  7. Recycle your retired devices. If your hardware is beyond reuse, recycle the materials and spare parts of the systems. According to, recycling one million used mobile phones can recover as much as 772lbs of silver, 35,000lbs of copper, 75lbs of gold, and 33lbs of palladium. Find out more about WEEE Recycling here.